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Our extensive experience and product offering allows us to service a wide range of customers.  Below is an idea of what we can provide.

Wet Pressing: We have a range of auto and manual presses for small and large run production.
Extruding: We can extrude up to 120mm diameter and fire up to 1200mm in length, across short and long runs.

Cast Ceramics: We have a large casting department using a range of materials.

Refractory Casting: We have a large casting department and can use material from a number of suppliers around the world.

Concrete Casting: We have a large concrete department and can cast small to large products.

Furnace Capabilities: We have two large batch furnaces and three smaller furnaces to give a production choice, ask well as fast output.

Materials: We have a large range of material recipes to draw from, to meet most applications and can advise on the best choice for the required application.

Cold Cast Urethane: Over the years Certec has used urethane to make molds for casting.  We now make products to customer requirements using cold cast urethanes from different manufacturers.  Some applications include the marine, concrete and film industries.


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